Skill Set

Osprey Partners’ team of devoted, well-educated and talented specialists has long and hands-on experience in a wide range of financial tools and industries as well as real business experience, allowing us to focus on your unique needs and choose the best solution for you!

  • Business modelling skills.

We have strong business modelling skills and in particular financial modelling skills. Well-designed and well-presented financials tell many useful things about the business operations, its profitability, its historical performance and challenges, its investment evolution, its desired strategic development, potential hurdles and opportunities to come, investment transaction proposals to investors…. Financials are where it all goes together in a measured and measurable way. In a world where there is high competition for capital whether from banks, investment funds, strategic or private investors, well-designed and well-prepared financials are no longer optional. It is usually a per-requisite of any financiers and often badly prepared financials are a reason for early rejection.

  • Negotiation and transaction structuring.

Whether trying to arrange a bank loan, attract private capital investment, prepare requirements for a credit line, divest from a part of your company or trying to sell the business, negotiating and structuring skills are key.   You want to leave this task to third-party specialists who have your interest in mind only and also understand financiers ways of thinking, their procedures, their expectations and the specialized jargon and process their use. Negotiating is an important skill and results in a agreeing a structure for a transaction or a modus-operandi for the next step of discussion. Too often discussion stop abruptly on unnecessary misunderstandings, high-running emotions or other factors that could be avoided by being assisted in the negotiation by trusted advisers.

  • Deep understanding of the Romanian culture and business practices.

Understanding the culture and practices of the local business environment is crucial if you want to successfully set uop shop in another country. Yes the world is getting global but local peculiarities, a particular culture, specific business practices are and will remain important when dealing with people in a region you may not be totally comfortable with. We have seen too many times business failing or not achieving their potential by not understanding local specifics or practices. Frustrations build up which need not leading to stakeholders and business returns suffer.  Some of our partners have held local top-management positions in the region and have had to deal first hand with what it all means and their experience is proving invaluable.

  • Network of local contacts.

Business, investments, expansion, strategic development, finance raise or any other type pf transaction will always involve people. We have been in Romania and in the region for many years, can work and operate in the local language and have created a strong network of local contacts in the business community. This is important as we act for our clients locally.

  • Long-standing international and corporate experience.

We have a long and strong experience in working or running large organization in the region but also in far-away places including the Far-East, the US, many countries in Europe including Russia. We have built over those years not only a large network of contacts but also of corporate experience in diverse countries and organizations. These are invaluable in understanding your way of thinking, your needs, your expectations, your company processes and finally provide expected results.

  • Hands-on experience and practical mind.

None of us at Osprey are life-long consultant. We all come from different corporate background and understand that sitting on top of an ivory tower rarely gets things done for you. We are practical, full of common-sense, are said to have good judgment, and are results-oriented. We do not believe in long and too often useless reports that no one will actually read. We believe more in short, well done and to the point , useful and practical reports leading to actual results. We are so practical that if we do not think we can assist you successfully in resolving your problem aor bringing the assignment to fruition we will tell you from the first meeting !